Out of the Labs

Let them live out of the labs!

Any day now the government will be deciding on the fate of thousands of lab animals in New Zealand. We need your help to encourage the MPs who are making this decision, to make the right choice!

Every year thousands of animals are killed during or after being used for experiments in NZ. The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS), and Helping You Help Animals (HUHA), have teamed up to ask the government to create a mandatory retirement policy for ex-lab animals, to help encourage the rehoming of ex-lab animals and prevent unnecessary euthanasia.

A petition asking that a mandatory retirement policy be established for ex-lab animals in NZ, that was over 16,000 signatures strong was handed in to the government last year. Now it is at the select committee stage and could be decided upon any day now by the Primary Production Select Committee.

Take Action!

Send an encouraging message to the MPs in this committee asking them to make the right decision and enact a mandatory retirement policy for ex-lab animals via the adjacent form.

By filling out and submitting this form you will send an instant message to all eight MPs in the Primary Production Select Committee. See a full list of these MPs here

We have met with these MPs and they all appear to be very respectful and receptive of our message. This is why we only want to send positive, encouraging messages!

An instant message will also be sent to National Party Leader, Simon Bridges. This is because four out of eight of the members in this deciding committee are National MPs. If we can obtain the support of Simon Bridges, it might help encourage them to make the right decision.

Why is it necessary?

While NZAVS are opposed to animal experimentation and actively campaign to stop this from continuing, there is no reason for the animals who we can’t save from being used in the first place, to never have a life outside of the laboratory.

There is currently no legislative incentive to encourage facilities and individuals using animals for research, testing or teaching to rehome animals instead of euthanising them. These facilities and people should have to at least try and rehome ex-lab animals before any other option is considered. This is exactly what we and thousands of other Kiwis are asking for!

Similar laws encouraging the rehoming of ex-lab animals already exist in Australia and in several states in the USA. We have a bit of catching up to do if we want to be world leaders in animal welfare.

While the change we are asking for is small, it would have a huge impact and would save thousands of animals lives in New Zealand. Together we can help give these animals a life without confinement, fear and pain, a life outside of a laboratory.

Send a positive message to the MPs making this important decision today!

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